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Our Principles

When investing our clients' capital, we adhere to six general principles that are integral to our investment philosophy:
1.Client First:

We prioritize our clients' interests above our own business interests.

2. Diligence:

We conduct thorough research and analysis within the company to ensure the highest level of diligence and informed opinions.

3. Independence:

We make investment decisions independently and objectively, without conflicts of interest.

4. Integrity:

We act with integrity in our day-to-day operations, adhering to professional ethics at all times.

5. Responsibility:

We take responsibility for our investment decisions and take corrective actions as necessary, guided by our clients' directives and objectives.

6. Transparency:

We maintain open communication channels with our clients, providing transparency regarding our past performance and future expectations.

These principles form the foundation of our investment approach, guiding us in delivering the best possible outcomes for our clients.

All the above principles align with the CFA Institute Asset Manager Code,
which we duly integrate within our investment philosophy.