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Why Choose AAIM


As a client of Arab-African Investment Management Company, you will directly benefit from an approach that caters to your requirements, prioritizes your needs, and ensures the achievement of your financial goals.

At Arab African Investment Management:


We take pride in our experienced investment team, equipped with extensive expertise, and the management of diverse investment products based on our internal research and vision.


We deliver outstanding investment performance that surpasses our competitors, resulting in a high client retention rate.


We provide a platform for various types of investments in the local market, including equity, fixed income, money market, capital protection, and Sharia-compliant funds and portfolios.


We are one of the fastest-growing investment management companies in Egypt, and this success can be attributed to our exceptional performance and modern management of new funds.


We benefit from the support of Arab African International Bank, with its financial strength, internal controls, and risk management. This gives us a competitive advantage and supports our growth.