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The fund manager follows investment policies aimed at preserving the fund company’s assets and maximizing return on invested funds, while reducing investment risks through diversification across various sectors. The fund aims to deliver capital growth for the funds invested by investing in various securities and financial instruments. The investment manager invests 95% of the fund in purchasing Egyptian Treasury bills and bonds, in addition to bank deposits, fixed-income funds, and corporate bonds.

Fund’s Features:

  • Cumulative daily return
  • A suitable vehicle for investment diversification
  • A suitable financial tool for companies and private insurance funds to manage their cash flows
  • The investment certificate holder does not bear any additional fees for subscription and redemption
  • No maximum investment limit
  • Available to individual and institutional investors
  • Available to Egyptian and foreign investors
  • Provides cash liquidity to investors with the option to redeem their investments in the fund on a daily basis, with no fees

Performance update

Fund information

Fixed IncomeType: Fixed Income
Afaaq Investment Co.Sponsor: Afaaq Investment Co.
AfaaqLaunch date: 04 Sep, 2019
Banque du CaireCustody: Banque du Caire
ServFundAdministrator: ServFund
AfaaqMin certificates: 100
EGPCurrency: EGP
AfaaqSubscribtion freq: Daily
AfaaqSubscribtion fee: Free
AfaaqRedemption freq: Daily
AfaaqRedemption fee: Free
AfaaqReceiving entites: AAIS/BDC/Naeem/Mubasher