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Aims to provide a saving and investment vehicle while maximizing returns on invested funds and reducing investment risks through a suitable investment diversification policy across fixed-return instruments, including debt instruments of different maturities with daily subscription and redemption.

Fund’s Features:

  • Cumulative daily return
  • A better alternative for checking accounts
  • An ideal way to manage cash flows for companies and individuals
  • A highly-liquid investment tool
  • Daily subscription and redemption allowed with no fees

Performance update

Fund information

Fixed IncomeType: Fixed Income
Bareeq Investment Co.Sponsor: Bareeq Investment Co.
BareeqLaunch date: 31 Aug, 2022
Ahli United BankCustody: Ahli United Bank
CatalystAdministrator: Catalyst
BareeqMin certificates: 50
EGPCurrency: EGP
BareeqSubscribtion freq: Daily
BareeqSubscribtion fee: Free
BareeqRedemption freq: Daily
BareeqRedemption fee: Free
BareeqReceiving entites: AAIS