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The fund follows an investment strategy aims to preserve the fund's assets and maximizing returns on invested capital while reducing investment risks through diversification across different timeframes and investment instruments.

The fund is considered a safe and highly liquid investment tool that invests in a range of short-term money market instruments, including treasury bills, Egyptian treasury bonds, corporate bonds, Skuk.

Fund’s Features

  • Cumulative daily return
  • A suitable vehicle for diversifying investments
  • Suitable financial instrument for companies and private insurance funds to manage cash flows
  • The certificate holder does not bear any additional subscription and redemption fees
  • No maximum investment limits
  • Available to individual investors and corporates
  • Available to Egyptian and foreign investors
  • Tax-free returns
  • Provides cash liquidity to the investor with the possibility of recovering part / all of his investments in the fund on a daily basis and without expenses

Performance update

Fund information

Money MarketType: Money Market
Mega Investment/EgyptAir Holding Company Fund/The Suez Canal Authority FundSponsor: Mega Investment/EgyptAir Holding Company Fund/The Suez Canal Authority Fund
El FanarLaunch date: 14 Nov, 2023
Banque du CaireCustody: Banque du Caire
CatalystAdministrator: Catalyst
El FanarMin certificates: 10
EGPCurrency: EGP
El FanarSubscribtion freq: Daily
El FanarSubscribtion fee: Free
El FanarRedemption freq: Daily
El FanarRedemption fee: Free
El FanarReceiving entites: Egyptian company for investment/Mubasher/AAIS/3way/Mega Investment