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An investment vehicle for investing in both stocks and fixed-income instruments, protecting the value of the certificates purchased monthly after one year from the date of subscription/purchase in the fund through investing the vast majority of the funds in fixed-income instruments and following a trade-off strategy between investing in stocks listed on the Egyptian Exchange and fixed-income instruments, provided that the percentage of equity investments does not exceed 25% of the total fund size.

Fund’s Features:

  • Maximizing return through capital gains with capital protection
  • A suitable vehicle for investment diversification
  • A low-risk investment tool during times of market volatility
  • Available to Egyptian and foreign investors
  • Provides cash liquidity to investors with the option to redeem their investments in the fund on a weekly basis, with no fees

Performance update

Fund information

Capital ProtectionType: Capital Protection
GuardLaunch date: 30 Nov, 2016
MisrbankCustody: Misrbank
CatalystAdministrator: Catalyst
GuardMin certificates: 100
EGPCurrency: EGP
GuardSubscribtion freq: Weekly
GuardSubscribtion fee: Free
GuardRedemption freq: Weekly
GuardRedemption fee: Free
GuardReceiving entites: AAIB

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