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Iskan – Every Day

Aims to provide a savings and investment vehicle that provides daily cash liquidity with a daily cumulative return on invested funds, thus allowing for daily subscription and redemption. Invests in short-term investments, such as Treasury bills and bonds, bank deposits, other debt instruments, repurchase agreements, and other cash funds.

Fund’s Features:

  • Delivers capital growth while limiting market volatility
  • An attractive alternative to current accounts and savings accounts, combining the flexibility of a current account with the advantages of a saving account.
  • An ideal medium for short-term investment
  • A highly-liquid investment tool
  • Reduces risks by investing in liquid and short-term money market instruments
  • Generates higher returns over time as daily returns accumulate
  • Daily subscription and redemption allowed with no fees
  • Available to Egyptian and foreign investors
  • Maximizing the impact of cumulative returns by investing for long periods
  • Returns are tax deductible

Performance update

Fund information

Money MarketType: Money Market
Iskan Insurance Co.Sponsor: Iskan Insurance Co.
IskanLaunch date: 30 Apr, 2023
Ahli United BankCustody: Ahli United Bank
CatalystAdministrator: Catalyst
IskanMin certificates: 10
EGPCurrency: EGP
IskanSubscribtion freq: Daily
IskanSubscribtion fee: Free
IskanRedemption freq: Daily
IskanRedemption fee: Free
IskanReceiving entites: AAIS/ Egyptian company for investment/Naeem/Misr Capital/HC/Mubasher/3way