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Misr Insurance – Istsmar w Aman

Aims to deliver capital growth by generating the highest possible returns on invested funds through investing in various financial instruments (Treasury bonds and bills, corporate bonds, Sukuks, and fixed-income and cash investment funds) with different term structures. Aims to generate a return commensurate with the risk assumed by the fund. The investment manager works to reduce investment risks through an suitable policy to distribute investments across various investment tools.

Fund’s Features:

  • A suitable vehicle for investment diversification with cumulative returns
  • Insurance coverage at a competitive price for the fund's investors
  • Maximizing return through capital gains
  • An investment fund managed by a professional team

Performance update

Fund information

Fixed IncomeType: Fixed Income
Misr Insurance Co.Sponsor: Misr Insurance Co.
Istsmar w AmanLaunch date: 02 Dec, 2020
Banque du CaireCustody: Banque du Caire
ServFundAdministrator: ServFund
Istsmar w AmanMin certificates: 50
EGPCurrency: EGP
Istsmar w AmanSubscribtion freq: Daily
Istsmar w AmanSubscribtion fee: Free
Istsmar w AmanRedemption freq: Daily
Istsmar w AmanRedemption fee: Free
Istsmar w AmanReceiving entites: AAIB/Arabey online/Mubasher/Egyptian company for investment service