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  • Juman Money Market Fund

    With a cumulative daily return (denominated in Egyptian pounds), the fund is a safe and highly-liquid investment tool investing in a number of short-term money market instruments, including government bonds, corporate bonds, Treasury bills, and bank deposits. The fund may only invest in money market instruments with a maximum maturity of 13 months and a maximum average duration of 150 days.

    Fund’s Features:
  • Delivers capital growth while reducing the impact of market volatility.
  • An attractive alternative to current accounts and savings accounts, as it combines the flexibility of a current account with the advantages of a savings account.
  • An ideal vehicle for short-term investments
  • A highly-liquid investment tool.
  • Reduces risk by investing in liquid and short-term money market instruments
  • Generates higher returns over time as daily returns accumulate.
  • Daily subscription and redemption allowed with no fees.

Performance update

Fund information

Money MarketType: Money Market
JumanLaunch date: 31 Mar, 2009
MisrbankCustody: Misrbank
CatalystAdministrator: Catalyst
JumanMin certificates: 100
EGPCurrency: EGP
JumanSubscribtion freq: Daily
JumanSubscribtion fee: Free
JumanRedemption freq: Daily
JumanRedemption fee: Free
JumanReceiving entites: AAIB

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