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Misr Takaful

It is a safe and highly liquid investment tool that invests in a group of money market instruments in the short term, which include: government bonds, corporate bonds, treasury bills and bank deposits. The Fund may only invest in money market instruments whose maturity does not exceed 13 months, nor Their average duration may exceed 150 days.

Fund’s Features:

  • An attractive alternative to current accounts and savings accounts, combining the flexibility of a current account with the advantages of a saving account.
  • An ideal vehicle for short-term investing
  • A highly-liquid investment tool
  • Reduces risk by investing in liquid and short-term money market instruments
  • Generates higher returns over time as daily returns accumulate
  • Daily subscription and redemption allowed with no fees

Performance update

Fund information

Sharia Compliant - Money MarketType: Sharia Compliant - Money Market
Misr Takaful Insurance Co.Sponsor: Misr Takaful Insurance Co.
Misr TakafulLaunch date: 28 Feb, 2022
Ahli United BankCustody: Ahli United Bank
CatalystAdministrator: Catalyst
Misr TakafulMin certificates: 10
EGPCurrency: EGP
Misr TakafulSubscribtion freq: Daily
Misr TakafulSubscribtion fee: Free
Misr TakafulRedemption freq: Daily
Misr TakafulRedemption fee: Free
Misr TakafulReceiving entites: AAIS/HC/Mubasher/Thndr/Misr Capital/Arabeya online/ Egyptian company for investment service/3way/Banque Misr