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We offer our clients more than one way to invest their capital. Be it through funds or bespoke portfolios, our clients can have access to different asset classes in the local market, ranging from equity to fixed income, money market, and capital protection.

We operate with a wise vision and benefit from qualified investment expertise. We offer our clients investment channels to choose from according to their investment preferences and their tolerance for investment risks.


We manage unit investment funds that are offered to the investing public with specific objectives, ranging from stocks to fixed income funds and capital protection funds. For more information..



We manage diversified investment portfolios for each client with a range of directives, including Equity, fixed income, and Sharia-compliant portfolios. Our clients who choose this type of investment typically include private companies, public/government institutions, pension funds, private insurance funds, insurance companies, and high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs). For more information..